crimson_inferno (crimson_inferno) wrote,

So pathetic...

I don't know what is wrong with me. I hear about ex flirting with girls and I think I get a little jealous. Well I have this reaction that comes up and I can't put my finger on it so the only thing that I can guess at is la jalousie. Very weird since I think at this point we've been apart longer than we were together. And I'm dating l'homme de ma vie right now. Perhaps it is because several people I know are now in great relationships with people that they dated seriously, had bad breakups with and a year or so later got back together and it's working. I guess for them they changed in the right kind of ways to get back together. I know we haven't and I wouldn't want that even in we had. De toute façon, j'adore mon copain. C'est ça, l'essentiel.
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