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those clichéd resolutions:

I know it's already the 14th of January but I thought now would be a good time to list somethings I would like to work on this year. This way, I know what I still need to work on. I mean really, for the last 14 days I've had enough trouble just remembering to mark "2004" when I date things. I'll try to keep them realistic.

1) I will procrastinate less. (I don't stay "stop" because, well, I'm trying to be realistic.)

2) I will try to do one new thing each week while I'm living in France to truly appreciate it.

3) I will not put off thinking about the future (see #1) by pretending that it's not coming.

4) I will be a better student. This means doing work on time or ahead of scheudule, and not fighting to play catch up at the last minute, thereby making myself and those around me miserable.

5) I will not slip back into weird phases with my ex-boyfriend (at least the part that I can control.) It's over there and it is better if we really recognize that. This includes the fact that I will try to stop feeling jealous when I hear about him hooking up with mutal female friends or acquaintances.

6) I will keep in touch with old friends better. I will reply to email instead of waiting (see #s 1 & 6)

7) I will try not to waste time in front of the computer when I actually have nothing to do. I will work on either my painting, my reading, my Spanish or my German instead.

8) I'll get more exercise. I don't do enough physical activity, and not just for weight but for other reasons I should do more. Especially tennis.

9) I will not let my apartment get as messy.

10) I will read more.
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